Friday, April 28, 2017

"Falling Over Sideways" by Jordan Sonnenblick

"Falling Over Sideways" by Jordan Sonnenblick is a children's story about the chaos that comes with a parent having a hardship that you cannot control. Claire is in the eighth grade and nothing is going right. She wasn't promoted in dance class like the rest of her friends were, her arch nemesis is picking on her, and she doesn't really fit in at school. One day, she is with her dad when he has a stroke and has to be taken to the hospital. The story ensues with Claire learning how to grow up and take responsibility for actions and problems that she sometimes does not want to deal with.

This was a really great story and easy read. It was a heavy topic but not one that made you really depressed or that younger kids would not be able to handle. I would recommend this story for ages 11-15.


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