Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Sold" by Patricia McCormick

"Sold" by Patricia McCormick is a fictional story (though these things happen constantly) of a young girl from Nepal who is sold into prostitution. The story is told from the main character's perspective in verse, describing the different events that happen in her life. Her family is a poor one and her stepfather gambles away the family's funds every month, so he makes the choice to sell her. She believes that she is going to be a maid in the city (India) but comes to realize that she has been sold to a prostitution house.

This was a very good story although moving isn't quite the word I would use. You had to navigate the story through a thirteen year olds perspective, which was difficult at times because she didn't really know what was going on around her. I wish the story had had more depth to it because I think it could have been a really awesome read. This book is suitable for ages 12 - high school