Friday, February 3, 2017

The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner

"The Memory Of Things" by Gae Polisner is a historical fiction and young adult novel about the 9/11 tragedy and a young man's quest for fulfillment. The story begins with the main character, Kyle, in shock and walking away from the twin towers in New York City right after they had been hit. He sees what he thinks is gigantic white bird on a bridge as he walks across but in reality, it turns out to be a young girl that is going to jump off. Kyle pulls her off of the ledge and their story ensues with adventures, young love, and realizing that they are capable of much more then they believe.

I really enjoyed this story! It had some very serious and sad moments, but also light and lovable moments that made you laugh and grow with Kyle. The story was mostly from Kyle's point of view, but occasionally it was in verse from the girls point of view. Polisner did a very good job capturing the essence of teenage romance but also the shock and confusion of what happens during a disaster.  You wouldn't think that those two would go hand in hand but in this story, they did. The only thing that I really did not enjoy was the ending, which seemed lackluster. Both characters go their separate ways and Kyle believes they will never see each other again (because their relationship was built on not normal circumstances so in real life would they even be right for each other?) but Hannah gave him her phone number anyway. And then it ended. I wish there had been maybe an epilogue with a future look at what happened to both characters.


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